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Cold Swell Info

How about some Canadian surf spots? Are you scared of cold water and kelp?

Wheres Kauai??!!??

You have all the other main Hawaiian Islands here except Kauai.....if this app had that location I wouldve given it 5 stars!

Never updated

This app is complete garbage and if I could get my money back I would. They never update the app and the forecasts also do not update from within the app. Every time I try to pull up a forecast for my local break it says update failed. Complete waste of money, do not buy. Youve been warned.

Too many technical issues

This app would be fantastic if it didnt stink. The message "update failed" appears constantly and the reports get stuck on days old info. The only solution is to delete the app or area and reinstall. Cellular or wifi connection doesnt seem to matter. This happens on a weekly if not daily basis.

Buggy and inconsistent

This app regularly fails to update the current conditions. Fix your issues, people paid money for this!

Not worth the money

Spent $3 on this with barely any info and a limited amount of 5 spots at a time. Go over to Magic Seaweed which is free and has much more info.

Fix the App

The app is crashing and its not working and you know it. I paid money for this app and I want it to work!

Update time is set to East Coast :-(

Overall a decent App but it seems to be set to East Coast time. I live in CA and by 3pm I can longer see the current day. I would rather see the current days info for a few more hours (to see if its worth heading to the beach) than to see the most up-to-date info for the rest of the week at, say, 3:30pm when there are still a few more hours of daylight. I can wait for the up-to-date info for the rest of the week until after sundown. I have mentioned this multiple times to Swell Info Support but they did not respond. Not cool since the App isnt free. West Coast users should email them and maybe then they will change the update time.

Poor selection of surf spots

Poor selection of new England surf spots. This app is not like the web site.


I love Swell! It has a nice little color coded chart to let you know if the conditions are bad, fair or great for each day of the week. Beyond that, you can click on a day to see all the tide/swell details you need to know. Nobody can predict surf perfectly buut this app updates itself a lot and is as accurate, if not more so, that most other apps. Im in northern Cal and most locations/areas are listed. I just hope they make it for iPad now!!!


Wonderful! If you are a surfer you should have this. It is addicting!!!!!!!!!!! I am constantly checking it no matter where I am! Nearly crying if the surf goes Down. I can wake up check temp and tides. It is easy to read and great!! Buy it!!!

Best surfing app ever

Very accurate. Buoys for your local spots! Buy it, you wont regret it! It tells you what the swell is doing a week in advance!

Very helpful

This app is great because not only does it give the surf forecast but also goes into great detail about wind conditions. Very important if you do surf fishing like me.


Great app, gives wind, wave height and very accurate conditions. Has more than the necessary amount of locations. Highly recommended

App is force closing

Loved it. But now is crashing when pressing a day for details. 

Very good App

Very good. However... Needs more surf spots. Hard to break an entire region up into one report. Also, need daily data to be available longer to west coast users. Should be available until early evening. Definitely worth $2.99, more accurate than other reports (especially Surfline.)


Besides adding some more locales, this app doesnt get much better. Absolutely love the UI!

Swell info

Is great need more surf locations in Oregon 

Not good

I pay 2.99 for this to tell me error try later i dont recomend it

Not much better than Magic seaweed.

The surf spot selections are minimal. There are no live charts for wind, buoys, and storm systems. It is small and compact. Was looking for more. Not what I expected. 2.99 to charity I guess.

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