Swell Info App Reviews

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Fix the App

The app is crashing and its not working and you know it. I paid money for this app and I want it to work!

Not worth the money

Spent $3 on this with barely any info and a limited amount of 5 spots at a time. Go over to Magic Seaweed which is free and has much more info.

Buggy and inconsistent

This app regularly fails to update the current conditions. Fix your issues, people paid money for this!

Too many technical issues

This app would be fantastic if it didnt stink. The message "update failed" appears constantly and the reports get stuck on days old info. The only solution is to delete the app or area and reinstall. Cellular or wifi connection doesnt seem to matter. This happens on a weekly if not daily basis.

Never updated

This app is complete garbage and if I could get my money back I would. They never update the app and the forecasts also do not update from within the app. Every time I try to pull up a forecast for my local break it says update failed. Complete waste of money, do not buy. Youve been warned.

Never updates when refreshed

Not gonna complain about a free app, but I wish this app would update when refreshed. It seems to update at will and never when I need it to. Other than that the forecasts are at least as good as any other service.

Good app

I have three surfing apps installed. Surfline for the cams, swell info for overall info and magic seaweed for better by the hour breakdown. I access swell more than any of the others. To get a 5 It needs more favorite save spots.

Jersey left in the dust

Why does the jersey forecast always fail to load?

Needs an update

Pretty good app but hasnt been updated in awhile


This app constantly gives me false information

Poor forecasting

Poor forecasting and reporting plain and simple. Try other apps.

Can be much better

- only 5 spots limit - no graph - no spot map

Dont get

This app is the most consistently wrong app out there. I think there must be some drunk guy just putting in just some wild surf reports and hoping he is right with his made up forecasts ( it will say 4-5 and be 1+ at best). Get it together swell info!!!!!

Not recommended.

Not good. One report for the state of RI. Come on! Free apps give you individual beach reports. Dont buy it. Not worth a lick.

Terrible forecasting

It was calling for 1-2 overhead at frisco but heck no drive an hour for some cheesy little shin snappers. this report is normally spot on but a lot of the time it will change at the last second. GET YOUR ACT TOGETHER together then maybe I will consider re downloading this

Ill make it 5 stars if you add the graph

Please add the graph and let us scroll over it like on the website.

Love this app. & helpful!

We have been using this app for 2-3 years and always recommend!

Good interface, poor forecasting

Ive been seeing excellent days when they call it poor and poor days when they call it good. I appreciate the user ability, but check the surf elsewhere before checking their forecasts. (For example, Rincon was blue today, but in reality pretty epic)

Love it!

But please make it so you can have more then 5 top spots!

wont download

bought it and it doesnt let me download it on iphone 5s

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